Student Council

Listening to the views of students is essential to the success of any school. We encourage all of our learners to provide helpful and honest feedback to us so that we can help make it excel.

Our Student Council is made up of a group of students elected by their peers to represent their opinions and raise issues with the staff and governors in the school. The Student council can also take forward projects on behalf of the students, be involved in improving the school, attend governing body meetings and contribute to staff appointments. Each form elects two students to represent them. It is from these year teams that our Student Council is elected.

Why do we have a Student Concil?

Participation literally means ‘taking part’. As young people in Wales, the right set out in Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) entitles you to have a say in things which affect you. Your Student Council is a way of doing this but never forget that it can only be as effective as its members!

How do students benefit?

Students who join council gain important skills such as listening to others, debating ideas and working as a team. Students have worthwhile opportunities to work in partnership with their peers and adults in order to make their voices heard.