Which Career is Best for Me?

You can use some of the interactive tools below to learn more about your own personal skill set, along with the careers and pathways that might be best suited to you.


The quiz will:

Give you 10 job titles that best match your answers. These are from nearly 60 job titles found on 'About Jobs'.

Let you look again at your answers and change them if you want. Any changes you make may change the job titles in your results.


Find careers that might be right for you by taking Career Match Quiz. Career Match Quiz asks questions and generates a list of jobs and careers that are matched to your skills and interests.


In under 5 minutes, you can discover:

  • What personality type you are. There are 16 possible results - each connects to an animal. Find out which animal your personality type connects to
  • Your strengths and what makes you tick
  • Some jobs linked to personality traits
  • Popular subjects and courses for your personality type



There are no right or wrong answers to this quiz and in under 5 minutes, you can have your very own personalised career cloud to help you focus your job research.

Subject Specific Careers

Careers Wales have put together a number of fantastic resource packs which detail careers in different subject areas and areas of learning and experience.

Maths and Numeracy Careers

Science and Technology Careers

Language, Literacy and Communication Careers

Humanities Careers

Expressive Arts Careers

Health and Wellbeing Careers