Flint High Grant Expenditure

Professional Learning Grant (PLG)

The Welsh Government have awarded schools in Wales extra financial support toenable teachingand learning staff to prepare for the new curriculum for Wales.

The grant has allowed us to continue to offer first class professional learningthrough the funding of a dedicated Learning and Teaching team to support ourstaff through effective planning, implementation as well as delivering our in-house professional learning and our strategic work on the new curriculum.

Pupil Development Grant (PDG)

The School receives a grant from the Welsh Assembly Government to support pupils in receipt of free school meals (FSM). The key aim of the grant is to reduce the impact of poverty on educational attainment.

The grant has been used this financial year to support the following activities /initiatives:

  • Introduction of a new Enhanced Pastoral support team consisting of 4 members of staff. Staff deliver a range of interventions, including emotional wellbeing, behaviour support and improving attitudes to learning.
  • An FSM project where grant funding is targeted to each student's needs by working together to spend a sum to provide something beneficial for that individual.

The School’s PDG grant plans are presented to and agreed annually with our governing Body and monitored/scrutinised by GwE. Spending against our agreed plan is reported regularly to the Governing Body's Finance Committee. This same process also applies toour Education Improvement Grant (EIG).

Recruit, Recover, Raise Standards Grant (RRRS)

The Recruit, Recover, Raise Standards Grant (RRRS) is designed to support improving outcomes and provision for students in examination year groups, who have been particularly affected by the time missed in school owing to the Coronavirus. The grant is intended to support rapid 'catch up' for these students. The grant has been used for the following purposes to aid learner recovery post-COVID:

  • Additional English HLTA
  • Additional mathematics HLTA
  • Learning coachto identify students in Year 11, 12 and 13 to support learningand wellbeing;
  • Additional cover supervisors
  • None teaching ALNCo
  • Investment in an online platform to support KS 4 revision.

The school's ALPs (RRRs) grant spending plan has been presented to and agreed by to Governors and is monitored/scrutinised by the GwE. Spending against our agreed plan is reported regularly to the Governing Body's Finance Committee.