Leadership Team & Staff List

Leadership Team

Mrs C Millington - Headteacher

Mr S Goodall - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs A Jamieson - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S Williams - Assistant Headteacher

Mr W Overton - Assistant Headteacher

Mr C Stedman - Business Manager

Miss C Evans - Associate Headteacher

Mrs N Kearns - Associate Headteacher

Mrs S Harbour - Associate Headteacher

Pastoral Leaders

Miss L Ellams - Head of 6th Form

Mrs S Harbour - Head of Year 11

Mrs A Chatfield - Head of Year 10

Mr D Evans - Head of Year 9

Mrs E Lane Head of Year 8

Miss C Evans Head of Year 7

Mrs S Williams - Safeguarding

Mrs L Baker-Morris - Attendance Officer

Curriculum Subject Leaders

Mr R Davies - Head of Faculty Art and Technology

Mr A Guntrip - Head of Business, ICT and Computer Science 

Mrs J Defries - Head of English

Mrs F Lister - Head of Expressive Arts

Mr M Catterall - Head of Faculty Geography, History and RE

Mrs C Hodgson - Head of Inclusion/ALNCo

Mrs L Evans - Head of Languages

Miss T Grandy - Head of Mathematics

Mr D Connolly - Head of Physical Education

Mrs N Kearns - Head of Science

Mrs S Holmes - Head of PSE

Miss J Williams - Head of Social Sciences

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